Are customer requests taking up too much time at your business?

It’s Time To Cut Customer Service Response Times In HALF With The All-In-One Support Desk That Runs In Your Web Browser.

“I Was Getting Sick Of Spending Half The Day Responding To Emails… Now I’m 50% More Productive And Growing My Business Faster!”

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FROM: Lyle Mozak
RE: Help Your Customers Faster… Save Time…
Save Money.

Tell me you’ve never had this happen to you before.

You’re running a business…

… Things are going pretty good.

You’re getting tons of requests from customers.

Everything from sales inquiries to customer support requests. Only problem is…

… Half your time (or your employees’ time) is being EATEN ALIVE by customer requests.

You don’t have a customer ticket resolution system in place, so 90% of customer help requests are being handled…

By Email

Over The

Or even in

You want a faster and easier way to communicate with clients and customers.

On the other hand, perhaps you’ve taken a look at online helpdesk services like:

You don’t want to pay the $50+ per user fees these services sometimes charge.

You want a faster, better, easier way to respond to customer requests and complains.

Enter Support Now,
The Feature -
Loaded Help Desk
That Can Cut Your Customer Service Expenses By 50%!

Support Now is an online help desk that runs from your web browser.

It gives you a simple, straightforward interface for managing…

  • Customer help requests.
  • Customer complaints.
  • Internal requests and tickets (for example, if your business has an IT department, Support Now gives your employees a streamlined online interface for communicating with IT).

If you currently use email to handle customer service requests, this can be costing you a huge amount of time.

Think of what your email inbox looks like right now.

If you’re like most people it’s a mix of personal messages, spam, and business-related messages.

It’s cluttered.

If you get dozens of messages every day, you might actually miss messages entirely, pissing off your customers to no end and potentially costing you busisness. According to the Market Research company Help Scout, 86% of people have stopped doing business with a company because of bad or slow customer service.

The same survey also showed that businesses only ever hear from 4% of unhappy customers.

The bright side?

80% of customers in the same survey also reported that they would be willing to spend more money for higher quality customer service!

The picture is crystal clear:

Streamlined customer service both saves and makes money!

Unfortunately, With A Lot Of Help Desk Services Out There,
The Costs Can “Eat Up” The Benefits!

Because if you’ve ever checked out services like Zendesk or Freshdesk, you’ll know they can get DAMNED expensive!

In fact, the most expensive price we found was Zendesk’s SHOCKING $69 per month, per-agent price tag.

Think about it like this:

If you’re just running a small one-person operation, that’s $69 a month just for *you* to use the service!

But imagine a business with 10 customer support people.

That’s $690 a month or over $8000 a year for a customer service help desk!

… And That’s Exactly Why Support Now Has Been Designed To Offer ALL The Benefits Of Expensive Help Desk Software WITHOUT The Steep Costs!

Support Now has all the basic features of the higher end ticket management apps, including:

On top of that, you can have an unlimited number of users online at any time, at no extra cost.

Support Now operates on a one time Monthly payment or subscription model.

And that means:

  • No “per agent” fees.
  • Pay monthly by Paypal or Credit Card.
  • Available 24/7.

Support Now is not only dramatically more affordable than other subscription-based help desks…

… It’s also much more flexible, safe, secure and private.

Support Now gives you the perfect mix of affordability, high quality features, and control over how you use the system.

Support Now’s Industry-Leading Features:

Streamlined And Easy-To-Use Admin Panel

The user admin panel in Support Now is straightforward and ridiculously easy-to-use. The minute you subscribe you will have access to the intuitive control panel which is laid out so you can navigate it with little or no instruction.

Arrange Tickets By Department

If you have multiple departments at your business you can segment Support Now by department allowing multiple different teams to operate using the same interface.

Priority Levels For Faster Emergency Response

Priority levels are set from [INSERT LOWEST LEVEL HERE] to [INSERT HIGHEST LEVEL HERE]. The higher priority levels allow staff to prioritize response time based on the seriousness of the case.

Merge Tickets

Quickly merge duplicate tickets or tickets from the same customer to better manage and de-clutter your support desk.

Add Canned Response

Are you manually typing the same response over and over? Add it as a Canned Response, so you can quickly insert that response for frequently asked questions. Massive time saver.

Custom Ticket Annotation System For Better Service

Lets users add notes to any ticket to better describe what's going on to end users.

Straightforward User Account Creation

Add users easily with a basic user creation form that lets you input their name, email address, phone number, city, state and mailing address. Though some of these forms are optional, the ability to create a detailed profile gives the help desk team the option of responding to the user outside the system (for example by Phone) if need be.

User Differentiation By Role

Finally, you can differentiate profiles all the way from user (somebody who can submit a ticket) all the way up to administrator (somebody who can respond to tickets). This lets you create a sophisticated multi-tiered response system that handles complains quickly and efficiently--something business owners often find lacking in their existing ticket systems.

Stop Playing Defense With Customer Service… Get Support Now... Now!

If you run any business that deals with customers (which is 90% of businesses), customer service help desk WILL…

  • Save you time.
  • Save you money.
  • Result in happier customers or clients.
  • Which will lead to more repeat business and bigger profits.

At the same time, if you use any of the expensive web-based help desk management apps, you could be throwing a big part of your income down the drain.

Don’t spend upwards of $1000 a year on help desk software when you can get the best helpdesk around for just $50 per month (or less with our other plans).

  • UNLIMITED user accounts.
  • UNLIMITED number of departments.
  • Support tickets segmented by priority level (from lowest priority to emergencies).
  • Easy to edit and annotate tickets.
  • Seamless customer complaint management.

Get Support Now.. Now!

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P.S. If you’re using subscription based help desk management software Support Now
Could save you over $1000 a year! Subscribe Now and use for 7-days FREE.